"I know you want the D."
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"Heyy." Jack smiled as he looked at the girl "Are you new here?" He chuckled and then added  "this is the first time Ive seen you face.." He gave off a light laugh.



“Ash..” Jack rubbed the girl’s back. “You’re still worried about something, aren’t you?” 

“Yes… I’m a human Jack. As much as I hate to say it I’ll die eventually.”

"There must be some way to change that.." Jack looked worried.

kimi-of-team-two-deactivated201 asked: ""Why are you smirking at me!" (blush)"

"Nothing.." the boy chuckled.

kimi-of-team-two-deactivated201 asked: "ah... oh... Fun. Thank you for clarifying that. XD"

"You’re welcome." Jack replied with a smirk.

Anonymous asked: "A beautiful brunette was walking outside and suddenly she gazed right at you."

"Can I help you?" the boy replied.

kimi-of-team-two-deactivated201 asked: "What's a fubu? @_@"

Fuck buddy. Ahihihihi

anyone want to be my fubu?

kimi-of-team-two-deactivated201 asked: "Yui stopped her biting and laughed, “I don’t know… depends on you well you can please me.” She grabbed a handful of his hair and pulled Jack into a deep kiss, her tongue pushing past his lips and started tangle with his, her free hand wandered down his chest and brushed his shaft."

With every stroke that the girl made, Jack could feel his dick grow harder and harder. He let out a moan and pulled the girl closer.

ask-thelovely-aphrodite asked: "*i poped my head and smiled at the white haired boy* "sorry! I couldn't resist!" I said"

"That’s totally fine." The boy chuckled upon seeing the girl.

faeintwilight asked: "Alexis shook her head. "No, it was rude of me to ask," she said, pulling her hand away. She tried to think of another topic. "How long have you been out here for?""

"It’s alright.." Jack chuckled. "A ‘Few’ Years already.." 








Ash looked at him surprised. Too stunned to speak.

“Hey, Ash.” Jack looked a bit worried “Are you okay?”

She gave him a beautiful smile in return. “Why wouldn’t I be alright?” A…

"I’m not going to let you go you know…" She chuckled and sighed a bit. Knowing that she would eventually grow older and die, leaving him once and for all. Ash bit her bottom lip as she zoned out thinking about this.

"Ash.." Jack rubbed the girl’s back. "You’re still worried about something, aren’t you?" 

choosemyownstars asked: "Shelby smiled back and giggled as she nipped at his nose."

Jack gave out a little chuckle and replied “I should be the one nipping at your nose..” H smiled.

kimi-of-team-two-deactivated201 asked: "Yui inhaled deeply, “There’s a lot I can do, but he question is do I want to.” She smiled devilishly at Jack, she set her cheek on Jacks and whispered quietly, “I’m sure you can make any girl throw all her toys away.” She then nibbled on Jacks earlobe, Her knees tightened on his thighs."

Jack let out a slight chuckle and let the girl nibble on his earlobe, enjoying every pinch that the girl made with her teeth. “Are you willing to throw away all your toys for me?” Jack smirked.

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supremesorcerer asked: "The brunette gasped softly as she felt his mouth around her nipping, writhing slightly above him."

Jack pulled away for a bit to gasp some air into his chest and continued with the kiss. He pushed himself closer to the girl’s body.